Nice legs…good nose…grapefruit notes…

A heady mix of Italy and fine wines

Amalfi Coast wine tasting.  Go on a delicious journey of Italian wines with passionate Sommelier, wine lover and entertaining Italian-born Cristian Fusco – founder of Swirl the Glass private wine tasting.

On the wine trail

Discover the delights of full-bodied reds, crisp and complex whites and fragrant rosés, surrounded by the rugged cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

Swirl, look, smell and sip while enjoying views of the Sirenuse Islands, finding out what surprising flavours you like and learning how to read a label and pick a bottle you’ll probably love.

For foodies, Cristian will share tips on pairing wines with your favourite dishes to bring out the best in both.

Taste a well-balanced selection of wines in one of two family-run Italian restaurants in the sophisticated village of Positano.

The first is rustic, warm and unmistakably Italian, the other sophisticated and beautiful – both welcoming and filled with mouth-watering aromas, animated Iocals and Cristian’s unmatched passion for and knowledge of Italian wines.

Cristian will also host one-to-one wine tasting in private luxury villas nestled along the Amalfi Coast.

The secret wines of the Amalfi Coast

Swirl the Glass wine tasting experiences will share the well-kept secret of Italian wines from local and lesser known vineyards.

So mix with the locals of the Amalfi Coast and spend a lunch time or evening experiencing artisan Italian wines with Cristian.

A word from chef  Theo Randall

Christian is not just a brilliant Sommelier but very good communicator. His knowledge of Wine and food is second
to none. When Christian worked at Theo Randall at the InterContinental we ran a very successful cookery and wine
school. It was Christian’s input and skill that made it really work and set the ground work for its continued

Christian makes the whole wine tasting experience really straight forward and inspiring. This is because of his
calm manner and passion for wine.

Theo Randall